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Vodacom Discover Internship Programme 2016

Vodacom Discover Internship Programme 2016

About Discover Graduate Development Programme

We are looking for the future leaders of our business – today’s graduates who have the ambition, drive and ideas to shape their world.

If that’s you, the Discover Graduate Program will provide you with an accelerated career path. Gaining high business exposure from day one, you’ll experience rotations in different areas of our organisation. We’re committed to developing and inspiring fresh talent so you can expect plenty of support and guidance as you develop your skills in your chosen field. It’s a challenging and rewarding adventure, and as you work alongside some of the industry’s leading experts you’ll develop the solutions that will shape our customers’ futures and yours.

The opportunities won’t end there. If you show us that you have the capabilities and potential during the Discover Graduate Program then you’ll have the chance to experience our truly global network through our Columbus Program.

Taking on an international assignment, you’ll gain the knowledge and insights that will prepare you for the next stage of your Vodacom career.

Apply for our Discover Graduate Programme today and surround yourself with some of the finest minds while using your own expertise to influence millions of people.

How to Apply

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